AGS Is a the best solution for AEC support. It becomes an extension of your production department.


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AGS is a creative studio that combines the global perspective and meticulous detail that are required to deliver results of visionary impact, through strategic storytelling, engaging visuals and tomorrow technologies.

our committment

Providing innovative design solutions.

AGS – Architectural Graphic Solution is a Design, Graphic and Visualization Company located in Los Angeles, California. We are an interdisciplinary team consisting of experienced Designers, Graphic Artists, Architects and Engineers specialized in providing support services for Architecture and Interior Design firms, Developers and the Building Industry around the World. We take great pride of our work and we will always make sure your projects meet and exceed all expectations. Our professionals are knowledgeable on US and European standards and are committed to the creation of High Quality documents, presentations and effective marketing tools. This allows our clients and partners to focus their efforts on their core expertise as well as business developments and sales, knowing they can count on us to get the job done on time. We develop long term Business Relationships with our clients because we know this is the key to Success.

Why AGS?

Maintaining sustainable project results are becoming increasingly difficult with rising costs and uncertainty in the market today. Covering every cost involved in the production effort is a heavy burden.

This is why collaborating with a Production Support Partner is the best approach to improve your outcome. We team up with your staff to improve your results during all phases of design and construction, using our  expertise gained over the years to develop solutions during the entire project delivery process.

AGS Benefits

  • Hiring new staff requires a lot of time and money in training. Our Team has US AEC Standards understanding.

  • Our Team has US AEC Standards understanding.

  • Reduce office square footage while increasing production output.

  • Reduce Equipment and Software upfront investment.

  • We share the same culture and work ethics.

  • Too much work on your plate and not enough people.

  • Incorporate an expert for your SD, DD and CD documentation.

  • Allows you to pursue projects with a budget  too tight to perform in-house.

Some of our Clients

Client reviews


CAD Drafting

Schematic Design

(modeling + documentation)


High-end 3D Illustrations

3D Floor Plans

Isometric floor plan layout views

Revit Modeling & Conversion

Design Development

(modeling + documentation)


CGI Animation


Photo-imposing a 3D model in a picture

Sketchup Modeling

Construction Documents

(modeling + documentation)

Virtual Reality

360° Virtual Tours

Site Plans

Site plan Illustrations


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